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Practical Information

Practical Information


Based on our experience from previous years, we have learned that participants like to choose their own accommodation. Thus, we will give a few recommendations and have special rates at a few hotels which you will receive more details on with your invoice but will not be able to organize an accommodation for our participants. 

Accommodation options in Bayreuth:


International participants who need a visa to enter Germany should make sure that they factor in enough time to apply for a visa. Experience has shown that it can take up to four months between submitting your visa application and being granted a visa – provided that correct and complete visa application documents were submitted. Please apply for a visa at the mission of the Federal Republic of Germany in your home country or responsible body in a neighbouring country.

After registration and payment in full, a letter of invitation can be issued for you to apply for a visa at the German Mission. An electronic copy of the invitation letter will be sent to your email account. Should you need a physical copy please reach out to our team!


Health insurance is mandatory for students who want to travel to Germany and participate in the Summer School. Since your insurances at home may not provide sufficient protection abroad, you need to find an appropriate travel insurance. To allow carefree travels in Germany and Europe for the entire programme period, please make sure to have an adequate health insurance.

Travelling to Bayreuth

Bayreuth can be reached by train or bus from all major airports within Germany. This website gives an overview over all methods of transportation, times and prices from the different airports and train stations to the University of Bayreuth. Within Bayreuth, we recommend using the app of the local bus network (called VGN) as this generally shows the most reliable connections.

Please note that there might be limited train and bus connections during the evening/night and on weekends. Please be aware of this when planning your arrival.

Impact of COVID-19

We are currently planning with an in-person Summer School on our campus in Bayreuth. Keeping the current worldwide situation in mind we are currently planning to require our participants to either have proof of vaccination with a vaccine authorized in the European Union or proof of recovery within the past three months of the Summer School 2022. In addition, there might be further requirements such as keeping a distance while being in class or wearing a face mask to keep all participants safe. To stay up to date with the current regulations at the University of Bayreuth please follow the information here

Please keep in mind that these rules are subject to change depending on the given regulations by the state and university at the time of our Summer School. We will keep all participants updated! 

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