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Where do I find detailed information about the courses?Einklappen

Detailed information on each course can be found here.

Whom do I contact for additional information on the courses?Einklappen

Please contact our Summer School team: summerschool@uni-bayreuth.de

How many credits will I receive for my participation?Einklappen

In each course you are able to obtain up to 6 ECTS points after participating actively and passing the examination, which depending on the course can include e.g. a presentation or written exam.

Will the Summer School 2022 take place in person or digitally?Einklappen

For 2022 we are planning an in-person Summer School back on our beautiful campus in Bayreuth, Germany.


How do I apply for a course?Einklappen

To apply for a course, please fill out the online registration form. More information can be found here.

When is the application deadline for the Summer School 2022?Einklappen

The application period for the Summer School 2022 will be from 15 December 2021 to 30 April 2022. All applications have to be completed and submitted by 30 April 2022 through our online platform.

The application form does not work. Whom can I contact?Einklappen

Please contact our Summer School team: summerschool@uni-bayreuth.de. If possible, please include screenshots of the issue. 

Which documents should I include in my application?Einklappen

Please check the Application pages to see which documents you should submit before your application is completed. 

Are there any language requirements?Einklappen

To take part in the Bayreuth International Summer School an English language level of B2 is required. Please enclose a standardized language certificate (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS) with your application. Exemptions are possible.

How do I know that I am accepted for the Summer School?Einklappen

Once you have submitted your application we will review all documents and send you a registration confirmation together with an invoice.

When do I receive more information about the course I have been accepted in?Einklappen

You can find the most important information as well as lecturers of your course here in due time. In addition, our team will reach out with more information, such as a time table or further readings, in the weeks prior to the Summer School.

Fees and Funding

How much does the Summer School cost?Einklappen

More information on the programme fee structure can be found here.

Is the cost for accommodation included in the fee?Einklappen

The cost for accommodation is not included in our programme fee. However, you can find different housing options here and will receive an access code with your invoice to receive a special rate. 

Are there any discounts available?Einklappen

Students from partner universities who have been nominated by their home university will pay a reduced fee.

Unfortunately, no further discounts are available! 

Are there any scholarships available?Einklappen

We do not offer any scholarships for the participation in the Bayreuth International Summer School. 

How can I cancel my registration and request a refund?Einklappen

Please contact our Summer School team: summerschool@uni-bayreuth.de.

University of Bayreuth

Where can I find more information about the study programmes offered at the University of Bayreuth?Einklappen

You can find an overview of all programmes offered at the University of Bayreuth here.

Webmaster: Thorsten Parchent, Telefon: 5319

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