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Reasons for the BISS

About Bayreuth

1. Interdisciplinary, future-oriented courses

The University of Bayreuth enjoys an excellent reputation in applied sciences. The courses feature an interdisciplinary approach and experienced international lecturers. Since groups are limited to 25 participants, you will have the possibility to join discussions, ask questions, and share your knowledge with the other students. 

2. A young, vibrant university

The University of Bayreuth stands out from other Bavarian universities. As one of Germany’s youngest universities, it has developed high academic standards, which are reflected in various rankings and awards. The University’s popular features include an excellent study-lifebalance, a leavy campus, and a broad range of events and projects. Part of its charm lies in the layout of the campus, where everything is just a short walk away.  

Here you can learn more about the University of Bayreuth and the reasons why Bayreuth is known for international, innovative and interdisciplinary research and teaching. More information about our beautiful campus and the location of Bayreuth is also available here.

3. The city of Bayreuth: a cultural heritage

As a city with a population of around 75,000, Bayreuth is the perfect place for creating a lasting student experience. In addition to its famous opera festival, Bayreuth offers a remarkable range of cultural activities such as street festivals, concerts and museums. The city’s historic town center – with its many pubs and cafes – is only a few minutes away from the campus. And don’t forget to taste the popular beer from local breweries!

Extending your stay after the conclusion of the Bayreuth International Summer School is highly recommended. It will give you more time to enjoy the beautiful landscape around the city and to explore castles, lakes, waterfalls and forests. The surrounding region is also perfect for hiking, mountain biking, climbing or canoeing.

4. A large variety of students and lecturers

In the past years of the Bayreuth International Summer School, we were able to welcome students from all over the world. You can look forward to meeting students and lecturers from, e.g. China, Australia, Iran, South Africa and Great Britain. Outside of the classroom, you will get a unique opportunity to learn about other cultures, viewpoints and experiences while developing a more encompassing, global perspective yourself.

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