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The Black Sonic: Thinking dislocation and movement

Please note, the following course details are subject to change and are updated regularly.

In this summer school, scholars and artists from four continents will connect with students of the Bayreuth International Summer School to explore the potential of thinking the Black Sonic. The Black Sonic as a lens of thinking to its logical foreclosure questions the assumptions of critical theory. These sonics create a way to deploy methodologies that look elsewhere, in the excess that could not be contained by the aesthetic or by geography. It's a ‚transnational ethos' that insists on a ‚dislocated‘ thinking centred in the sonic presented in and by Black Studies.

In the course of two weeks, artists and scholars, among them Tumi Mogorosi, Robert Machiri and Simon Vincent, will lead through a series of digital and potentially analog interventions, audio sessions and sonic exercises. The conversation between participants and different forms of knowledge seeking will be fluid and flexible. Generally, a workshop often happens prior to a main event or engagement. As our work at Pungwe is about forming new publics and proposing making of space and place through sonic agency, we would like to approach this workshop as a preparation to ‘humanity as praxis’. It will draw on various topics that are all streamed through decoloniality; to place emphasis on the everyday as modality to decolonial practice, to conceptualise questions around the role of the (sonic) archive in master narratives and how to account for embodied knowledge in the process. As an example examining body movement/liberties and gathering/convergence as liberatory practices: what can the current wave of Black diaspora contemporary dance movements contribute to Black spatiality, and how can listening practices produce new forms of archives?

Are you curious? You can listen to a playlist of Simon Vincent, get to know more about Tumi Mogorosi in an interview or watch to his performances.

Course details can also be found on the course flyer.


Prof. Dr. Andrea Frohne
Ohio University, USA

Prof. Dr. Paschal Yao Younge
Ohio University, USA

Tumi Mogorosi
Johannesburg, South Africa

Robert Machiri
Johannesburg, South Africa

Simon Vincent
Lincoln, UK


Dr. Katharina Fink
University of Bayreuth, Germany

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