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Polymer Science & Biofabrication

Polymer Science & Biofabrication

Week 1 - Polymer Science

Polymers and Colloids play an ever more increasing role as materials in our everyday life. They are the constitutive parts of emulsions, foams, coatings, fibres, cells and tissue. With the help of nanotechnology, fundamentally new materials, properties and functions could be realized with exciting applications in the areas of electro-optics and biomaterials. This course covers the most important topics from Synthesis, Structural and Electro-optical Studies of Polymers and Colloids to advanced device fabrication.

Flyer Polymer Science

Program Polymer Science


Prof. Paul Mulvaney
University of Melbourne, Australia

Prof. Muthupandian Ashokkumar
University of Melbourne, Australia

Dr. David Jones
University of Melbourne, Australia

Dr. Quinn Besford
University of Melbourne Australia

Dr. Calum Kinnear
University of Melbourne Australia

Prof. Markus Retsch
University of Bayreuth

Prof. Hans-Werner Schmidt
University of Bayreuth


Prof. Dr. Mukundan Thelakkat
University of Bayreuth

Week 2 - Biofabrication

Biofabrication is an emerging field in the area of biomaterials, aiming at the generation of threedimensional structures from materials including vital cells.
Key aspects to achieve this aim is an advanced knowledge on biomaterials, identication of new scientic trends and sustainability of production processes.
This summer school focuses on current trends in biomaterials research and biofabrication. Furthermore, the course includes practical coursework highlights state-of-the art, several processing methods of novel biopolymers such as spider silk proteins.

• International known professors in the field of biomaterials and biofabrication
• Theoretical insights and practical courses
• Achievment of 2/3 ECTS

Practical Courses:
• Tissue ingeering
• Dispense-Plotting of 3D-Scaffolds for Tissue Regeneration
• Analysis of self-assembling biopolymers

Program Biofabrication


Prof. Andrea O'Connor 
University of Melbourne, Australia

Dr. Alessia Weiss
University of Melbourne, Australia

University of Bayreuth: 

Prof. Leonid Ionov

jProf. Gregor Lang

Prof. Thomas Scheibel

Dr. Hendrik Bargel

Dr. Martin Humenik

Dr. Sahar Salehi

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