Public Health & Environment

Week 1

Public Health Surveillance and Applications

The course should prepare students by increasing their knowledge in:

  • The relationship between public health policy and public health surveillance
  • Characteristics and function of public health surveillance – infectious diseases, injury, chronic diseases, risk factors and behaviors, environmental
  • Epidemiological methods used in public health surveillance
  • Applications of public health surveillance –monitoring of health events, policy making, detection of outbreaks/epidemics, preventive and control actions

The course should increase student’s skills in:

  • Public health surveillance data collection and quality
  • The analyses of trends and patterns in the occurrence of health events
  • Outbreak investigation
  • Cluster investigation
  • Public health program development
  • Evaluation of public health programs
  • Evaluation of public health surveillance systems



Prof. Dr. Eduardo J. Simoes

University of Missouri School of Medicine



Week 2

Impact of Environmental Changes on health
Environmental epidemiology: Spatial and temporal methods
Environmental inequalities
Air pollution
Health risk assessment


Climate change impacts on health
Climate change: Extreme weather events and heat exposure
Climate change effects on vector-borne diseases
Modelling the impacts of climate change


Flyer Public Health


Dr Cyril Caminade

Institute of Infection and Global Health, University of Liverpool


Dr. Shakoor Hajat
Department of Social & Environmental Health Research, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, UK

- 5 ECTS available -



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