Economics & Management


Week 1

Economic growth, development, and migration

Long-run economic growth has a great potential to dramatically increase the standard of living. If per capita Gross Domestic Product grows at 3% annually, incomes will double approximately every 25 years. Over the course of a century incomes will increase by a factor of 16!

In this course we will study which factors can contribute to such large income growth and the associated improvements in the standard of living. We will also analyze which factors tend to stand in the way of such enormous growth potential.  As some economies grow fast and others lag behind, a number of concerns related to societal development can emerge, such as large incentives to migrate from one country to another. Among other topics highly relevant to development, we will study the impact of migration on the receiving and the sending countries.

Throughout the course, we will use a combination of theoretical and empirical approaches. Students will also learn to apply economic thinking to solve real world problems related to growth and migration.



Prof. Dr. Michael Jetter
University of Western Australia

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Glomm 
Indiana University

Week 2

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- 5 ECTS available -


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