Advanced Polymers in Engineering and Energy

Week 1 - Polymer Science

Polymers and Colloids play an ever more increasing role as materials in our everyday life. They are the constitutive parts of emulsions, foams, coatings, fibres, cells and tissue. With the help of nanotechnology, fundamentally new materials, properties and functions could be realized with exciting applications in the areas of electro-optics and biomaterials. This course would begin with an introduction and cover the most important topics from synthesis, structural and electro-optical studies of polymers and colloids to advanced device fabrication. This course would complement the second week lectures on Polymer Engineering.

Flyer Polymer Science

Program Polymer Science


Prof. Paul Mulvaney
University of Melbourne, Australia

Prof. Muthupandian Ashokkumar
University of Melbourne

Dr. David Jones
University of Melbourne

Dr. Quinn Besford
University of Melbourne, Australia

Dr. Calum Kinnear
University of Melbourne, Australia

Prof. Markus Retsch
University of Bayreuth

Prof. Hans-Werner Schmidt
University of Bayreuth


Prof. Dr. Mukundan Thelakkat
University of Bayreuth

Week 2 - Advanced Polymers in Engineering and Energy

Polymer Engineering implies the development and innovation of efficient polymeric products. Key aspects to achieve this aim are advanced knowledge about polymers, identification of trends and sustainability. This course focuses on giving you an insight on polymers and polymer industry, current topics concerning future trends for polymers. Furthermore the course includes an industrytour, where you can expericence modern processing technics, as well as three practical courses , in which you will fabricate your own polymeric parts.

Flyer Advanced Polymers

Program Advanced Polymers


Prof. Dr. Rheinhold Lang
Johannes Kepler University, Austria

Prof. Dr. h. c. mult. Jozsef Karger-Kocsis
Budapest University of Technology, Hungaria



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