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You have several options for choosing an accomodation:

We have reserved a number of rooms at the Apart-Hotel First Boarding Bayreuth for participants of the BISS 2018.

Types of rooms available:

  • Double rooms (40 € per person per night)
  • Apartments (35 € per person per night)

If you would like to book this offer please let us know in your application. Once your application is accepted you will receive a codeword which you can use to make a booking directly with the hotel.

Option 2
You can also look for accommodations in Bayreuth on your own. There are a several options in various price segments.

Useful links are:

Please note that we cannot further assist you with your search if you choose the second option.

For both option, please note that the accommodation is not included in the rate and must be paid separately.

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